If Matched Betting is new to you, no doubt you've got some questions. We've tried to address some of the most common questions below - if you don't find the answers you're looking for, just drop us an email at support@matched-bet.net and we'll be happy to assist.

What is matched betting?

When betting exchanges were introduced that allowed people to bet against events from happening. It became apparent that we could take advantage of the free bets that bookmakers offer to make risk free profits. Bookmakers offer free bets (and often make a loss) to customers in the hope that you will then carry on to start gambling with them on a regular basis. By using the free bet the bookmaker offers and using the correct calculations anyone can make a risk free profit.

Why sign up with Matched Bet?

We offer detailed step by step guides and video tutorials to start you on your journey of matched betting. We also offer the essential tools like the oddsmatcher and calculator which you must have access to in order to matched bet.

Why are you offering all this for £12.95, surely there is a catch?

As a business we need to employ developers to operate and maintain the oddsmatcher along with finding and updating the matched bets on a daily basis. It saves a lot of time subscribing to matched bet to find the offers for you than spending the hours it would take you every day just to find a few matched bets.

Why doesn’t everyone do it if it’s that good?

I get this question a lot. I think people become suspicious of something if it sounds too good to be true. With matched betting you still need to put the effort to learn how to do it and actually perform the matched betting. It is also not a get rich scheme and you certainly will not make your millions from it. But it is a good extra income that you can do alongside your current job.

Is it legal?

Yes, absolutely. When I first came across matched betting I had exactly the same reservations as you might have if you are new to matched betting. There are over 2000 members that are currently matched betting with us and many more thousands across the country.

It sounds too good to be true which makes me think it is?

I think this has come from the many adverts that people receive in their spam folders on their email. Matched betting will not make you enough income to sail off into the sunset. But the extra income will significantly improve your lifestyle.

I have read the guides and am still unsure what I am doing?

You can contact one of the team on live chat or simply just give us a call on the number at the bottom of the page and we will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

Yes! People originally started matched betting around 2010. Since then it has grown and grown. There are now over thousands of people matched betting across the country.

How much can I realistically make whilst also having a full time job?

So I was a maths teacher when I first started matched betting. I did matched betting mainly on the weekends because of my demanding job during the week. I cannot remember a time when I earnt less than £500 per month. To make up to £1500 per month you would ideally need to be able to put a lot more time into it during the week.

Can I make a living from matched betting?

I get asked this question ALOT. The answer of course, is yes. You can!
Now as with everything there are limits to the amount you can earn each. These include the following factors:
How big your float is to start with – When you first start matched betting and begin to convert betting offers into cash, you do need a bit of a float. This is because of the money you need to spend to qualify for the special offer with the bookie and also to place a large enough liability with the betting exchange (such as Betfair) when you’re laying the same bet off.
I started off with £75 in Betfair as a float for the liability and then just deposited enough with each bookmaker to qualify for the free bets. It took me about 3 to 4 days to turn this into around £200 on Betfair (plus I had some winnings on the bookmakers sites to withdraw too).
With a larger float you can have a larger liability on Betfair. This is essential to converting some of the bigger £200 offers, as you need to place a qualifying bet with the bookies to claim it and at least £200 on Betfair to “lay against” the qualifying bet.

How much time do I need to dedicate to it?

Converting betting offers, like anything takes a bit of practice to get in the swing of things and of course, takes some time to actually do. I try and aim to convert 2 free bets per hour and select the offers based on their ability to cumulatively earn me £40 to £50 for that hour. I’m happy with that so I only do an hour a day of matched betting.

Will it affect my credit rating?

Using Betting websites has absolutely no effect on your credit rating.

How many offers are there?

There are about £2000 worth of introductory free bets from bookmakers ready for you to start converting right now. All of these have been compiled in the Premium Membersarea with detailed step by step instructions explaining how to make the most profit from each. Once you have completed these, there are around £1000 worth of reload offers published each month. This is where you will start to make your ongoing money and a real second income. It’s also where this site becomes a truly valuable resource, as we do all the hard work scouring the internet for the best deals. For each one we’ll create a step by guide and in most cases, video walk-throughs.

What happens when I have finished all the new customer offers?

Just click on the reload offers in the premium area of the site. We have a dedicated team that update the offers daily.

Can I not just find my own matched bets?

Of course you can. But it would probably take you a day to find the offers which constantly change on a daily basis. That is why Matched Bet does it for you.

Do I have to be good at maths?

No, you do not need to be good at maths. Everyone is able to do matched betting. Being good at maths can help in certain instances but is definitely not essential.