Earn Full time Income From matched betting

Now as with everything there are limits to the amount you can earn each. These include the following factors:


How big your float is to start with – When you first start matched betting and begin to convert betting offers into cash, you do need a bit of a float. This is because of the money you need to spend to qualify for the special offer with the bookie and also to place a large enough liability with the betting exchange (such as Betfair) when you’re laying the same bet off.


I started off with £75 in Betfair as a float for the liability and then just deposited enough with each bookmaker to qualify for the free bets. It took me about 3 to 4 days to turn this into around £200 on Betfair (plus I had some winnings on the bookmakers sites to withdraw too).


With a larger float you can have a larger liability on Betfair. This is essential to converting some of the bigger £200 offers, as you need to place a qualifying bet with the bookies to claim it and at least £200 on Betfair to “lay against” the qualifying bet.