What does the oddsmatcher do?

It saves you a lot of time. You’re serious about making money from matched betting so you want to complete as many offers as possible in the time that you have.
It would take hours to trawl through the bookmaker and exchange looking for all of the best odds matches to make a risk free income and probably by the time that you’ve found them, they have changed anyway!

At Matchedbet, we have built our own oddsmatcher (also known as the automatcher) which has been specially configured to find the selections for you that are perfect for matched betting. It identifies the best way to extract maximum value from free bet offers in the minimum amount of time.

In a nutshell, it compares and sorts through the odds for tons of different sports including football, horse racing, tennis and cricket. It covers over 90 bookmakers, 4 betting exchanges and searches for events in 32 different countries. All at the click of a button and it’s in real time – pretty impressive stuff.


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The oddsmatcher saves you time which can be put to better use by completing more offers and therefore generating an impressive second income from matched betting.

Of course, it’s incredibly simple to use and we have a dedicated matched betting guide to using the oddsmatcher.

You can set the filters that you require; so select your bookmaker, the odds you’d like, date and time etc and press search. It will instantly list all of the best odds matches available with that bookmaker at that time. Due to the nature of odds changing quickly, especially just before an event is due to take place, you have the option to keep refreshing the oddsmatcher.

It shows you the amount of liquidity available at the exchange which again saves you time as it eliminates the need to be constantly flicking between the oddsmatcher and the exchange.
It shows a percentage ranking according to how much profit you are likely to make. The higher the ranking, the higher your profit and risk free income will be.

For more information on the benefits of using an oddsmatcher and to see just how it can help you to earn a fantastic risk free income matched betting, head on over to Matchedbet.